Jordan Gallinger is the kind of guy you'd want to have at your child's school if the s*** ever hit the fan.

He's a Marine Corps veteran who served in Afghanistan and qualified as an expert marksman. He also possesses a CCW issued by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

But since SB 707 went into effect on January 1, 2016, he can no longer carry his handgun on school grounds. Gallinger and other CCW holders - including victims of domestic violence and stalking, prosecutors, judges, and public defenders - must now leave their weapons at home.

Unless they're a part of a special class of people who are exempted from the law.

This is blatantly discriminatory, and a clear violation of civil rights.

Firearms Policy Foundation (in conjunction with other gun-rights organizations) filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, Garcia vs. Harris, challenging SB 707.

In this video, Craig DeLuz, an individual plaintiff in the case and Director of Legislative and Public Affairs for Firearms Policy Coalition, explains the problems with the law.

California politicians are vigorously anti-gun. So how was one group able to get an exemption to a gun-free school zone law? In Part 2 of our SB707 video series, Craig will explain. Stay tuned!