Pennsylvania County Sees Surge in CCW Applications

August 23, 2016

Allegheny County, PA is experiencing a surge in CCWs over the last year, going from issuing between 50 to 100 licenses a day in 2015 to issuing 100 to 200 per day this year. The county sheriff stated he believed the increase in CCW applications was correlated to the recent instances of terrorism – but residents disagreed.

Via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Allegheny County could see a 40 percent increase in the number of licenses to carry a concealed weapon this year over last year, according to the deputy sheriff who oversees the office that issues them.

Deputy Sheriff Ryan Foster, speaking to about 300 residents attending a seminar hosted by two local state legislators Saturday morning in Oakdale, said his office in the Allegheny County Courthouse, Downtown, used to issue about 50 to 100 such licenses a day. But this year the office has typically issued 100 to 200 — or more — licenses a day.

[State Rep.] Mustio began the seminar by telling the crowd that data from the state police show that the number of annual gun sales have grown from 415,000 in 2006 to 755,000 in 2015, while violent crime dropped from 53,000 incidents in 2006 to 40,000 in 2014.

“Since gun sales have skyrocketed, violent crimes are down almost 25 percent,” he told a crowd that clapped enthusiastically in response, with some in the audience saying “Yes,” and “Beautiful,” while they clapped.

Some attending the three-hour-long seminar featuring six speakers talking about gun rights, believed that the reason for the increase was simply better education about how to get the license and awareness that having a license makes you legal to have a gun in more situations.

But Mr. Foster said those applying for the license made it clear to him and his staff what the main reason is.

“I believe that [the increase] is due to the terrorist attacks [on citizens],” he said in an interview after the seminar. “That’s what has been ascertained to me from the applicants.”

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