AP: Kansas State University Developing Policies to Comply with Campus Carry Law

September 13, 2016

The Kansas State University system is developing policy to comply with a new state law allowing anyone 21 years-old or older to conceal carry in campus buildings that lack security measures.

The Board of Regents has directed the university to present their policies later next month. Anti-gun professors had opposed the law in the past, however, the pro-gun Kansas legislature has threatened funding to the public university if the universities did not comply with the new law. Most of the campus would be permitted for concealed carry, however, the university to carve out CCW bans with "temporary" security measures.

Via the Associated Press:

Under Kansas State's proposed policy, no residence hall, classroom or other campus location would have the security measures that would allow a complete concealed carry prohibition. But concealed carry could be banned when temporary security measures are in place.

The university also won't provide storage devices for firearms under any circumstances, and handguns can be stored only in locked vehicles or in an on-campus residence in a secured holster or storage device.

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