Courthouse News Service: Gun Groups Fight California Over Schools

April 18, 2016

People with concealed carry permits sued California, claiming exempting retired peace officers from a law banning guns in schools discriminates against people who are not retired peace officers.

Eleven people and four gun groups sued Attorney General Kamala Harris on April 14 in Federal Court.
The Legislature last year recast the Gun-Free School Zone Act, which still exempts “individuals employed as ‘peace officers,’ members of the military, private security guards, and others actually employed to provide statutorily authorized security or law-enforcement services.”

But the Legislature killed the exemption for private citizens who have a California license to carry a concealed weapon. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill, SB 707, in October.

Lead plaintiff Ulises Garcia is a doctor to who has a concealed weapon permit to protect himself and his family from “multiple threats of violence from a former patient.”

He and the 10 other individuals say that to get their permits they had to pass “a rigorous background check, and only then on approval by the person’s county sheriff or the chief of their municipal police department.”

Joining them as plaintiffs are the Firearms Policy Foundation, the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Madison Society Foundation and the Calguns Foundation.

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